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Tip #1: Checking out the resource

You need to make a raft and search for an island; this is a great way to start off as you harvest several resources at your spawn. You need not want to die straightaway as you need to ensure that the island has no people on it. If you are unable to find it and build a better bag you might also want to get several logs and ice Click here free robux generator.

If you are running out on your resources you can get hold of some at the other islands waiting for the respawning of the resources as you need to ensure there is a decent amount of rocks, trees and so on.

Tip #2: Start a tribe

The tribes are going to help you with the progressions if you are seeking to start one. You need to ensure that you invite people with higher intelligence as most people avoid chats and this mean they sometimes would not listen and sometimes would steal off things what you tell them not to.

Tip #3: Preparing your location

You can well build a base around the small pond that is there for fish harvesting. The best place that is there for you to build a base is the desert island that has the mammoth on it. You can also surround the campfire with the nests and bam is the other way to prepare an efficient food factory and this is something simple as this is what requires to get done with your food factory. Irrespective of what if you started with low tier gear as you would probably start to see someone who is after you.

Tip #4: Checking on the other tribes

It is the best to build some armor to make the combat less tedious if you load of the same materials. You can also try out to make some peace with them as they can render you free resources if you wish to try out.

Tip #5: Raiding out

You need to get a suitable weapon that can simply tame a shark to travel faster and have the complete set of armor, this is the best way to become a good raider. You might well end up getting yourself killed so you need to avoid raiding larger tribes and stronger players all alone.

It is advised to have some friends along with you or even a whole tribe while raiding as doing this will make the things easier and increase the chances of survival and become successful in it. If you are simply doing it to try out some fun I would recommend you not to raid as other people are always on the lookout for some peace. You need to raid someone who have raided you or raid if some people in the server seem annoying to you as the best reason to raid here is to collect the resources.